Coaches Welcome is a lead generation service that puts Coach Operators directly in touch with group friendly attractions.

We all know that coach operators run magnificent businesses bringing multiple passengers to each stop off, attraction and hotel during their excursions, trips and tours. Their need for new information of places to visit, venues, accommodation, shows and eateries for groups is vast and yet their time is limited.The thought of trawling through the internet to find new venues and attractions isn’t a pleasant one; furthermore unsolicited emails aren’t welcomed or read so we devised a service to help the operator.

Since 2012, our e-shots have been sent directly to and welcomed by named tour planners to offer them fresh new ideas and suggestions of where to visit. When they’ve had chance to have a look at the e-shot, we contact them to establish which organisations they would like direct contact from and send the attraction their contact details.

A very simple service that benefits both the tour planner and the venue

Feedback from operators about our service has been fantastic and the number of new contacts generated for the attractions has been phenomenal. With comments from operators like ‘Thank you so much for saving us the time’, ‘thanks for calling us but we’ve booked already’ ‘please keep sending it we love it’ and ‘this is great’.

Our e-shots are accessible from most media platforms in an easy to use format and the direct email and website links means the operators have less to do to make contact with the attraction. This simple and efficient process helps the operator.


We are in regular contact with our subscribing coach operators, so we know that the information that we send them is useful to their operation. Additionally, many of the tour planners advise us of places/areas and types of destinations that they would like information for.

Our results are proven and we have many venues that continue to use Coaches Welcome, from major entertainment groups to individual attractions across the length and breadth of the UK.